Interior and exterior design are important for your home.
However, what is the meaning of a house with an attractive design if it is not kept clean? Comfort just disappears.

Cleaning is not just sweeping and mopping it every day. There are certain tips and tricks to keep your home clean.
This starts from the smallest thing that eventually becomes a routine.
Here are six easy ways to clean your house for you,
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1. Take out the Trash Every Morning

Sometimes you take out the trash only when the trash can is full, especially the trash cans in bathrooms or bedrooms that are rarely used.

So, try to change this habit and follow the advice of Livia Joyce from A to Z Cleaning.
Every morning, throw out last night’s food waste. The plastic waste was immediately tied up and thrown into the landfill outside.
This is also to prevent bad smells from spreading in the house, especially those that arise from spoiled food.

2. Clean the Sink After Use

It may seem trivial, but for Ashlee Edie, from Handy, this habit will keep your sink a whole lot cleaner.
As you know, this part is often dirty and rusty.
Naturally, fallen toothpaste and soap, as well as makeup residue, will make the sink have brown and rusty stains.

Therefore, make sure the sink is always clean and dry. Place a dry cloth near the sink for easy cleaning.

3. Diligently Clean the Kettle

One of the routine activities carried out every morning is boiling water. Well, that’s where germs and bacteria can appear.

According to Diane Regalbuto, owner of Betty Likes to Clean, a cleaning shop in the United States, handles on kettles contain the most bacteria in the house.
Therefore, don’t forget to clean all parts of the kettle, especially the outside.

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