Wedding memories will last forever in your memory, but there’s nothing wrong if you also keep historical objects in your marriage that can bring back beautiful memories in the future, such as the following items.

1. Wedding Invitation

Even if you’ve included the invitation photos in a series of photos in your weddings photo album, you’ll want to keep the original artifacts. So that it is not easily damaged, place the wedding invitation in a 3-dimensional frame in a dry place and keep it away from humid climates.

2. Guest Book

Apart from saving the names of the guests who attended along with their addresses which can be used as a separate file for you, you can also include blank columns for guests to write personal messages in your guest book. That way you can save it and reopen it any time you want to remember that happy day.

3. Wedding dress

Save your wedding dress properly, you can pass it on to your children or grandchildren later. If you don’t think that far ahead, you can even modify your wedding dress so that it can be used for other events in the future. After all, you’ve chosen and shopped for your wedding dress with all your heart, why give it up right away?

4. Bridal Bouquet

Make your cherished bouquet even more valuable by turning it into a storable piece of art. You can dry the flowers in your bouquet using silica gel and then arrange them on a frame to display on your dressing table, or you can also preserve the bouquet with resin to make a necklace that can be used every day.

5. Wedding Souvenirs

Wedding souvenirs are indeed aimed at guests who are present and are willing to spend time for you, but there’s nothing wrong if you leave one thank you note that you have chosen specifically for the guests, to gift yourself. You can try the ‘use’ of gratitude itself and see how useful it is.

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