If you are confused about choosing an engagement ring and haven’t had time to look at the ring at a jewelry store, there’s nothing wrong with hunting online. Here are some tips from Eaton Custom Jewelers for buying an engagement ring dallas online in preparation for your big day.

1. View Engagement Ring References Online
Choose several models of engagement rings that you think are suitable. This activity can be done online. Then, discuss with your partner to determine the most suitable ring for both of you.

2. Choosing the Most Suitable Engagement Ring Model
Choose a wedding ring that is comfortable to wear and with a model that you both like. It is recommended to choose a white or gold wedding ring with a round diamond shape. The round shape without corners will make the diamonds on the ring look shinier.

3. Prepare Funds to Buy a Ring
The price of wedding rings can vary, depending on the material and also the accessories (diamonds). Indeed, you will use this ring forever, but don’t force yourself to buy a ring that is too expensive. Adjust the price of the wedding ring according to your budget.

4. Doing the Ring Fitting
Adjust the size of the wedding ring to be purchased with your finger and your partner’s. The right time to measure the size of the finger to determine the diameter of the ring is during the day and the body is in normal condition. Do not measure it in the morning because usually, the size of the fingers is larger.

5. Adjust the Ring to the Finger Shape
If your fingers are small, you should not choose a wedding ring that is wide. This will make the ring less attractive to look at. If you want to look different, maybe you want to use a unique engagement ring that is currently trending.

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