The way your flowers are packaged can make a world of difference when it comes to flower delivery. To give our flowers the best possible appearance, Today Flowers carefully selects the materials we use to wrap them. Check out this inventive look at the supplies used to package flowers for delivery.

tissue paper
Tissue paper is a thin, delicate paper frequently used to wrap flowers. Selecting one that matches the hues of your arrangement is simple because it is available in a wide range of colors. In addition, because it is mild and soft on the petals, tissue paper is perfect for flower packaging because it guards against any damage during travel.

cellophane wrap
Flowers are frequently wrapped in cellophane, a transparent plastic wrap, before being delivered. It is a flexible material that may be used to wrap bouquets of any size or form. Waterproof cellophane wrap is an excellent choice for transporting flowers because it shields the blooms from dampness.

Kraft paper
Flowers are frequently wrapped with kraft paper since it is strong and environmentally friendly. It is an environmentally responsible choice because it is manufactured from recycled materials. Because kraft paper is so strong, the flowers are further safeguarded while transported.

wrapping paper
Wrapping paper is a vibrant, aesthetically pleasing material frequently used to wrap gifts, particularly bouquets. It’s a fun and creative option for covering flowers because it comes in various patterns and designs. Also strong enough to safeguard the flowers in travel is wrapping paper.

Mesh net
Mesh netting, a supple and stretchy textile, is frequently used to enclose floral bouquets. Because it offers additional support and protection during transit, it is a popular option for wrapping delicate flowers, including roses. In addition, because mesh netting is permeable to the air, flowers can stay fresh during delivery.

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