As one of the home protective equipment needed by everyone, the key must be properly guarded. Many people lose their home keys and make them unable to enter or even get out of their own homes. For that, Locksmith mornington is here to help many people who cannot go out and enter their homes because the keys are damaged or even lost.

In addition to the main key, usually, you also have a spare key to avoid difficulties when the primary key is lost. However, there are many people who do not maintain the spare key, so that the key is lost and even damaged. So, do some of these things to maintain the backup key.

1. Create another backup key
If one of the backup keys is broken or lost then quickly make another backup key just in case at any time there is a key that is lost again or damaged.

2. Use oil before using a spare key
In order for the spare key to run smoothly when it is inserted into the keyhole, then wipe the spare key with lubricating oil such as: oil, or cooking oil, then put it into the keyhole and try turning it to the left and right, this is useful to prevent rust in the key and hole key, do this activity at least once a week to keep your keys ready.

3. Be careful when storing keys
Beware of keeping keys in any place that can invite other people to do negative things and avoid entrusting house keys to other people who are less trustworthy, because anything can happen if the house key is in someone else’s hands. Because the key is the main road to your home that is valuable, then keep the key in a safe place and avoid leaving the key in the hands of others. Also, avoid putting keys outside the house because it can invite even worse dangers to your home.

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