Many people experience “vision” after ingesting Ayahuasca. However, this concept has another thing in common. People who encounter it can join their thoughts to the senses of other individuals or beings. That power comes from a combination in the Banisteriopsis grape – now named harmine. But you need to be careful because before ingesting Ayahuasca there is a special diet you can find here at this ayahuasca ceremony preparation. No surprise they anointed it telepathine too. Wade Davis was not surprised, the shaman was capable to enchant animals in the woods to come “sacrifice” as creature offerings.

Psychopharmacologists who have investigated the drug DMT (contained in other plants to make Yaje and become active when taken with harmine) have noted several reports of “image language” – the conveying of thoughts, concepts, and words in three-dimensional images. No wonder the ancients believed that hallucinogens in plants and mushrooms did contain supernatural powers. In certain traditional tribal communities, this belief persists to this day. Wherever they come from, hallucinogens do seem to act as triggers for the potential for experience and perceptive abilities already in the brain.

The proof is that the practice of shamans, for example, does not always depend on drugs. Many shamans get “unconscious” simply by beating the drums. Drum rhythms that are repeated over a long period will disrupt brain circuits, causing changes in the sense of acceptance that are not much different from those generated by psychoactive substances. The same thing is done by those who practice meditation, frenzied dances, meditation incantations, or fasting to improve their mental abilities.

The special conditions under which people can project their thoughts on others can be explained succinctly. Many hallucinogens are known to cause various stages of synaesthesia, which is the formation of certain sensory images due to stimulation of other senses. Under these conditions, people can claim to be able to “hear” colors, “taste” shapes, or “see” sounds. During the Yaje ceremony, a shaman usually sings. Through the synaesthesia response, the ceremony participants may clearly “see” all the song lyrics in the form of three-dimensional objects.

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