BT’s services and customer satisfaction were getting better, and this year the business is doing even better. Comparing one year to the next is challenging due to changes in our Best Broadband Awards survey methodology, but BT is currently among the top service providers for speed and user reviews. After receiving a Highly commended for reliability last year, BT advanced and took home the main Reliability award in 2022.

Things have changed for this year. Although there is still room for improvement in terms of value for money and customer service, BT is becoming more dependable, and over 71% of users now say they would recommend it. Even while it’s still one of the most expensive providers, BT Broadband customers won’t feel like they’re getting shortchanged.

Analysis of BT Broadband’s Coverage
Over 6 million homes may now get full-fibre FTTP thanks to BT’s Openreach fiber services, which now cover 93% of the UK’s residents. The main cities in the UK have the greatest coverage, although it is starting to encroach into smaller towns, coastal regions, and some rural areas. You can check the FTTP rollout schedule for your area on the Openreach Openreach wants to link up to 25 million homes by December 2026.

Review of BT Broadband: Effectiveness and Client Satisfaction
Broadband plans from BT, available through both fiber and full fiber connections, are among the fastest available. According to the most recent data from Ofcom, its Fibre 2 package has a mean 24-hour download speed of 60.8Mbits/sec, which is slightly faster than the similar speeds offered by EE, Plusnet, and TalkTalk. Its 300Mbits/sec Full Fibre option delivers on its promises with an average 24-hour download speed of 297.5Mbits/sec, while Virgin offers some even faster offerings. For the 500Mbits/sec and 900Mbits/sec plans, Ofcom has not yet released the complete performance data as of this writing.

Most of BT’s customers are pleased with the speeds they are receiving; 30% of them rate their satisfaction as very high, while another 40% rate it as quite high. Virgin Media is the only major ISP with a higher rating among those in our study. Additionally, BT received outstanding ratings for dependability, with 77% of consumers being satisfied. With 39% and 53% satisfaction, it only falls short on value for money and customer service. Customers of Sky, Plusnet, and Vodafone believe they perform better in both categories.

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