Black coffee and white coffee are the two most popular types of coffee consumed by the public. So which one is more useful White coffee is produced into powder through a cold drying process with a technological machine with freezing or cooling methods up to -40 degrees Celsius.

The effect eliminates gastric acid that causes stomach acid by up to 80 percent with caffeine remaining in the full 100 percent percentage. As for black coffee, it is processed through the stages of harvesting, drying, roasting, and brewing until it becomes a drink. Roasting is one of the important processes for the quality of coffee. When the roasting process takes place, this is what forms the taste and aroma of the rice coffee beans. Roasting is carried out based on the degree of color divided into three namely light, medium and dark.

The benefits of black coffee for health include anti-depression and anti-stress, this advantage is obtained from the role of caffeine in coffee. This caffeine is sourced from Alkaloid compounds in the form of white crystals and tastes bitter, so this caffeine is a psychoactive stimulant which also causes a mild diuretic effect.

In addition, the benefits of black coffee are able to reduce the risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and Parkinson’s disease. On the other hand, drinking pure black coffee can stimulate the body’s metabolism, which means it helps the fat burning process. So that it can be interpreted to help lose weight quickly accompanied by a healthy diet and lifestyle. The content of malic acid in white coffee is much higher than regular coffee. Malic acid is known for its ability to increase energy quickly. In addition, the citric acid in white coffee can destroy the development of kidney stones, increasing iron absorption. Those are the advantages of each, between black coffee and white coffee.

At least, as much as 54 percent of caffeine is donated from coffee worldwide, followed by tea leaves and cocoa beans. Caffeine is known as a substance that can withstand the drowsiness that hit the body. Caffeine is a natural substance that can increase the body’s sense of ‘ alertness ‘ and energy or ‘ stimulant ‘ function. In the body, caffeine acts as an adenosine receptor antagonist.

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