Individuals who drink too much alcohol have a high risk of long-term eye damage. Eye damage is referred to as visual impairment and blindness. Men and women who are accustomed to drinking alcoholic drinks should not consume more than 14 bottles a week, according to health experts in the UK. When drinking exceeds this amount, people will slowly risk permanent damage to the eye as they age. Meanwhile, if you’ve got a case with DUI trial, we recommend you to call Law Offices of Gary Rohlwing.

There are some eye damage due to the effects of alcohol, and we will share information about it with you:

Cause dry eyes

Have you ever woken up then felt dry and red eyes after drunk drinking alcohol? This condition causes the eyes to feel itchy and uncomfortable, according to experts.

Previous studies from Hallym University College of Medicine show that drinking small amounts of alcohol can improve dry eye symptoms. In severe cases, the tear glands can stop functioning.

Temporary visual impairment

Amy Laux, manager of clinical governance at Optical Express warns, poisons (toxins) in alcohol easily damage the visual nerve, resulting in impaired vision. For example, you can’t see long distances. In the meantime, you can call the Law Offices of Gary L Rohlwing if you’ve got a DUI trial soon.

Impaired permanent vision as you age

If you drink more than 14 bottles of alcohol a week can cause permanent disruption. This can lead to age-related macular degeneration.

Excess alcohol can also interfere with liver function and reduce the production of glutathione – protein – prevent certain cell damage. If glutathione deficiency can cause cataracts.

Experience blindness

Drinking excessive alcohol for long periods of time can cause blindness. The body’s metabolism will slow down and vision usually deteriorates with age. This causes the vision nerve to weaken.

As we already know that alcohol has a bad impact on our bodies. When you are drunk, your vision can become blurred and your vision shaded. However, what are the psychological consequences for our eyes?

Alcohol has the effect of changing short-term vision in our eyes, but consuming excess can lead to long-term effects, changing eye conditions. The long-term and short-term effects of consuming alcohol together can cause the loss of our vision which is directly connected to the nerves of our eyes. It is these nerves that bring vision to the brain. In other words, the eye is in charge of “displaying”, while the brain is in charge of “seeing”. Toxic Amblyopia (Toxic Amblyopia) is a term used to describe permanent loss of vision and blindness caused by alcohol. Aside from that, you may want to go to Gary Rohlwing DUI & Criminal Law whenever you need a reliable attorney for helping your DUI case.

Consuming alcohol that is not excessive will not have a negative effect on your vision. The way your body reacts to alcohol depends on the amount of alcohol consumed on your body’s tolerance threshold, only you may experience dizziness or blurred vision. Symptoms like this will disappear on their own if you stop consuming alcohol excessively.

If you usually consume alcohol, you are at a high risk of experiencing problems with your eyes where this condition can make significant changes to your eyes and cause permanent damage. If done continuously it can put pressure on your heart (liver), just as the eyes relate to other organs, heavy alcohol drinkers will be more susceptible to visual impairments and reduce the quality of their vision.

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