The development of technology is currently so rapid, that various electronic products continue to present various features to make it easier for users. One of the electronic products that often and regularly presents the latest features and applications is a smartphone. Smartphones are now widely used in various circles of society. Smartphones are usually used as a means of daily communication. In addition, smartphones are also used as a tool to run a business, and simplify the learning process, or online lectures to make it easier for content creators to produce useful content. Get screen recorder for windows 10 from our website.

One of the most awaited features by smartphone users today is the “Screen Recorder” feature. Screen Recorder is widely used to record smartphone user activities in the form of video. To perform screen recorder activities, a special application is needed that can simplify the screen recorder process. Here are the recommended applications for the free and best smartphone screen recorder/screen recorder.

Now you don’t need to be confused if you need a screen recorder application or a screen recorder. The following are recommendations for screen recording applications or screen recorders that you can install and use on your smartphone.

Screen Recorder & Video Recorder- XRecorder
Inshoot is a video editing application that is widely used by smartphone users. Not only does it provide a video editing application, but inshoot also presents a separate screen recording application called Screen Recorder & Video Recorder-XRecorder. This app is 18MB in size and has several features.

Du Recorder- Screen Recorder, Video Recorder
Measuring 5.3 MB, this Du Recorder application can record up to Full HD as well. Some of the excellent features of Du Recorder are as follows.

Various resolutions and video recording framerates are available
Applications can be dismissed by shaking the smartphone
Can create gifs from screen recordings
Can be used to live stream on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitch.

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