Electricity is one of the needs of everyone and even this is one of the most important needs today.Starting from electronic equipment such as televisions, and lights, to cell phone chargers, all require an electric cable to operate according to their function. Without a power cord, you can’t enjoy the functions of electronic equipment at home. There are various types of power cables that might make those of you who are not familiar with cables feel confused and from the several types of power cables, they certainly have different uses and benefits. As for those of you who have problems related to fiber optic cables, then we suggest you use the services of network cabling service.

In addition to this, you may also need to understand how to connect the grounding rod to the cable so that it can be used optimally. In wiring the electrical grounding rod of the house. This is the process by which the joints are welded. In this case, you need to make sure that the components are not wet. For this joining process, you need a tool to weld. Cover the area around the object you are welding with wood or other materials. Its function is not to start a fire. After welding, recheck all components of the grounding rod, whether it is solid or not. If the joint breaks, you will have to re-weld it.

As for planting the grounding rod cable, you have to dig the ground first as the grounding rod cable path. We can make the excavation as the cable line with a depth of about 40-50 cm. This excavation must extend along the cable path and lead to the grounding terminal. Then, you can plug the cable using a 4-inch PVC pipe and you can fill the excavation area with soil

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