The term geo fencing appears more frequently in news articles, appears in product manuals, and is highlighted as a feature in many mobile applications, but what exactly is geo fencing? Read on our website as it explains what it is, why it is showing up in more production and applications, and how you can take advantage of it. Geofencing uses a Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite network, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi to make virtual borders around a location. Geofence is then paired with a hardware or software application that responds to boundaries in certain ways as defined by program parameters.

While geofence-based hardware and software solutions have been around for decades, early systems were very limited especially for those looking to invest in expensive, high-end hardware for specific use cases. One of the most earlier uses of geofencing was in the livestock enterprise where some of the cattle were provided with a GPS unit and if the pack repositioned further of the geofence formed then the farmer would accept a signal. A similar system is deployed to guard and monitor a company fleet of vehicles whereby if a company vehicle leaves the zone the manager in the company is notified. It’s all very interesting but as someone who doesn’t run a cattle ranch or delivery fleet, you might be asking yourself “How does this apply to me?”

What was once a very expensive tool for very specific applications is now free for developers to incorporate into their software because consumers already have the necessary hardware. It makes the capabilities of geofencing popping up on everything we use in modern times from shopping to smart home technology and controls. In other words, there is a whole world of geofencing potential all around you that is worth tapping into. Your smartphone can remind you to pick up the dry cleaning when you are near dry cleaners, turn off the thermostat when you drive from your home, and all other useful location-based tricks.

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