Some people may have experienced trauma that is difficult to get rid of. To remove the trauma, there are several ways to remove the trauma to avoid teenage mental health that you can try to do. Although not easy, this method may be able to help you rise from adversity and get back excited about life. Trauma experienced by a person can be caused by various things, for example being a victim of rape or physical violence, losing a loved one, to being a victim of a natural disaster or accident.

If not handled properly, psychological trauma can injure the inner child and affect various aspects of life, from physical conditions, mental health, to behavior and social interactions.

How to get rid of trauma in each person is generally different. If you are experiencing trauma and want to overcome it, you should first consult a doctor or psychologist. The goal is for the doctor or psychologist to determine the most effective treatment according to your overall condition. However, in general, there are a number of ways that can be used to deal with trauma, namely:

1. Tell the closest person
Telling a traumatic event that has been experienced to the closest person or a support system that you trust can be a simple and effective step to overcome trauma. This can make you feel better and less alone. Support from those closest to you will be quite influential in alleviating the fear and burden you feel.

2. Pour it out through writing
Trying to tell what happened or felt through writing can also be an effective method of relieving trauma. You can try this method if you feel reluctant to tell others about the feelings that are bothering you. Initially, you may feel uncomfortable. However, over time, you can feel more relaxed in expressing your feelings through writing. Writing can not only be used as a medium for telling stories, but also as a place to explore your deepest thoughts and feelings regarding traumatic things that you have experienced.

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