You can find all the information you need to choose the best seat for you and your kid in this shopping guide for infant car seats. Before discussing how baby car seats are tested, we’ll first go over the key recommendations for choosing the best car seat for you. We also recommend the article — best Graco car seats for infants and toddlers.

Do the car seat’s dimensions fit the height and weight of your infant?
This is crucial if your child was born prematurely or weighed less than 6.5 pounds. To keep your infant cozy and secure, ensure sure the car seat has a newborn insert.

Is your infant comfy enough in the seat to fall asleep?
Nothing is more distressing than driving with a crying baby in the rear seat. Your youngster will cry if they aren’t feeling comfortable in their seat. The two most crucial elements for comfort in a baby car seat are more padding and breathable materials.

How straightforward is the seat’s installation?
Easy installation is a crucial consideration to make when selecting a seat because you’ll be frequently putting your baby’s seat in and out of your car. To begin, make sure the seat will initially suit your vehicle. In a smaller automobile, some extra-large baby car seats might not fit. Before looking at each seat’s size in our rating of the top baby car seats now on the market, if you’re unsure, measure the space available in the back of your vehicle.

Does it fit your stroller or vice versa?
You must confirm that your car seat is suitable for any strollers you may already own. If the seat is stroller compatible, you may quickly remove it from the car and attach it to your stroller to start moving.

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