Maintenance activities are important to maintain the performance of the company’s work equipment. So that all equipment can continue to function properly and have a long service life, it is advisable to do scheduled maintenance so that the process can run systematically by the vapro c operator. If all work equipment can function optimally, then employee performance will be more productive so that the production process runs well and smoothly, supporting increasing company revenue. In addition, scheduled maintenance can avoid unexpected downtime which would normally be expensive to deal with.

Scheduled maintenance can also prevent the company from the cost of repairing or replacing tools or work equipment parts. By cutting these costs, indirectly the company’s revenue is maintained and not cut. Preventive maintenance (PM) focuses on preventing problems before they occur. This includes tasks such as cleaning, lubricating, adjusting, repairing, and replacing a part. Each of these tasks is performed to keep the equipment working in tip-top condition to prevent downtime and reactive repairs. Scheduled preventive maintenance will certainly optimize the process of managing and maintaining work equipment.

The following are the benefits of scheduled preventive maintenance in terms of how the new system and this way of thinking can increase the company’s revenue:

1. Reduce Downtime
In the production process, the term ‘time is money is true. Every time the machine is turned off for repairs, you lose some money because the production process cannot run which means the business is not producing. Scheduled PM drastically reduces downtime because its overall goal is to prevent downtime.

2. Improve Operational Efficiency
Since the equipment is routinely maintained on a scheduled basis, it can work in an optimal condition at all times. When machines work more efficiently, they don’t have to use up a lot of energy and resources, meaning savings have been achieved.

3. Reducing the Risk of Expensive Reactive Maintenance
When a piece of equipment breaks down suddenly; You’ll incur extra costs for the maintenance team, extra time diagnosing problems and extra costs for certain parts or parts. With a scheduled PM, regular checks and planned maintenance can help avoid major and expensive repairs.

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