Finding an economical room for rent can be difficult for students, and the sort of housing you select is a crucial factor. Student accommodation, which is provided by the university or college, is often cheaper than private rental properties.

On-campus accommodation is typically the most affordable option for students. Prices for on-campus accommodation vary, but they tend to be lower than private rentals. For example, a shared dorm room may cost around AUD 150 per week, while a one-bedroom apartment in a private rental property may cost upwards of AUD 250 per week.

Off-campus accommodation, such as shared apartments or houses, may also be cheaper than private rentals. Prices for off-campus accommodation can vary, but they tend to be lower than private rentals in the same area.

Homestay can be a more affordable option for students, with prices starting at around AUD 250 per week. This includes meals and the opportunity to live with a local family and immerse yourself in the culture.

Private rentals, such as apartments or houses, tend to be the most expensive option for students. Prices for a one-bedroom apartment can start at around AUD 250 per week, while a three-bedroom house can cost upwards of AUD 500 per week.

It is important to keep in mind that these prices are only a guide and the actual cost of rent may vary depending on the location and amenities of the property. It is also worth noting that most rental properties require a security deposit, which can be up to four weeks’ rent.

In summary, student accommodation is generally cheaper than private rentals. On-campus and off-campus accommodation and homestays tend to be more affordable options for students, while private rentals are typically the most expensive. It is important to consider your budget and preferences when deciding on the right accommodation.

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