Beautiful and suitable women’s diamond rings are worn naturally influenced by the wearer, the model or the shape and value of rust, and the ring. Maybe you are looking for marriage? Do you want to reward your partner? In order to give to a loved one or to oneself not only carelessly, we still need to observe first, how the diamond ring that we really want. You can visit our website if you want to get a custom jeweler dallas.

The following are some diamond ring cut:

– Cushion

A diamond with a cushion, which is a box or a little rectangle with rounded elbows, was introduced in the jewelry industry in the 1800s. A simple design in detail but still showing the impression of luxury is perfect for special occasions, such as formal weddings or even business meetings. Combined with elegant fashion and makeup and the right atmosphere, you will look elegant but not excessive.

– Emerald

Diamonds with emerald shapes are generally rectangular shapes stratified on the surface and slightly rounded at the corners. With a diamond size that is not too large and a unique ring circumference, this ring will look attractive on your finger. Ring with a casual design but still gives the impression of ‘girly’ suitable for person who is always young at heart but active and dynamic.

– Round

Diamonds with round shapes, or often called round cut diamonds, are the most favored form of diamond jewelry fans because of their simplicity and ability to reflect light beyond other diamond shapes. But if we choose the wrong ring, we will look too mature and too fancy at the wrong time. For more casual but still prestigious in the business community for example, you can choose diamond round cut with super small size. Round diamonds are the right choice as fiance rings or weddings.

– Princess

Designed in 1980 in the United States. This diamond has a square shape with a 90-degree angle on its elbows. This Princess cut diamond is more in demand than diamonds with rectangular pieces. With a ring that is made as simple as possible, without special details, this ring looks very simple, young, but still suitable for you who are feminine.

– Asscher

Called Asscher because initially this model was formed by a diamond cutting expert from the Netherlands, namely Joseph Asscher. The uniqueness of this model is its angle, which gives the diamond a classic impression. And indeed, wearing a diamond ring on all occasions is something classic, right? Antique pieces, do not accentuate the impression of luxury, deserve to be used by young people who love success.

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