Shares are securities as evidence of ownership or participation of individuals or institutions in a company. Stock is an investment instrument in the capital market. This stock is different from forex and other things like the qx broker. However, if you are interested in the world of stocks, pay attention to the following.

Here are some tips and strategies for those of you who are investing in stocks for the first time.
1. Before investing money, invest your time first
One of the biggest mistakes of a novice investor is jumping right into the world of stocks without first understanding the basics and essence of stock investing. Many stock terms seem confusing at first glance. Learn self-taught from anywhere. You can buy books on stock investing written by experts or join a community (social media group) that specializes in discussing stocks.

2. Start with the smallest nominal value and installments
Many beginners panic when investing in stocks for the first time. The reason is, that they hope for the maximum profit, but once the share price falls, they panic and sell their shares at a minus price. Even if you have a fund with a fantastic nominal, it’s good to start investing in stocks with a small nominal first.

3. Make it a long term investment
It is commonplace if when you start investing you hope that the investment will quickly generate profits. The ambition to immediately have maximum benefits in the short term is very human. However, you must also understand that there are no instant maximum results.

Running a business, of course, takes a long process and quite a long time. Because stock investment is known as an investment instrument that has a high risk, the stock value often fluctuates greatly in the short term. Even so, this investment is still quite promising in the long term.

4. Better just investing or trading?
Even though both of them are active in buying and selling shares, investors or traders have different goals. Investors buy shares to be stored for a long period and aim to achieve multiple capital gains.

Meanwhile, traders or people who trade usually take advantage of short-term stock price fluctuations for profit-taking. Being a trader carries a big risk.

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