Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in society. This is indicated by the number of coffee sellers who are often found from the side of the road to expensive shopping centers. Coffee has a very distinctive taste, which makes it much favored by connoisseurs. Are you one of them? It turns out that the distinctive taste of coffee is also influenced by how the process is made. Coffee that is made carelessly will have a different taste to coffee that is made thoughtfully by professionals. Coffee sold in the market will have a different taste from homemade or Grinder coffee

With this sophisticated technology, there are already many sophisticated types of equipment for making coffee. One of them is this coffee grinder. With this coffee grinder, you can now mix and grind your coffee. You no longer need to go out to buy coffee, you can make it at home, of course, it will be healthier. This coffee grinder is capable of producing coffee grounds with a fragrant and tempting aroma regardless of the type of coffee bean. If you are a coffee connoisseur, of course, you will be very spoiled by the enjoyment of coffee with the best aroma that you can grind yourself with this coffee grinder.

This coffee grinder has been equipped with settings that you can adjust or adjust to produce fine to coarse coffee grounds according to your wishes. This grinding machine is also capable of grinding coffee beans up to 60 grams with a mill speed of 1700 rpm. Very practical to use. This coffee grinder uses electricity as its power source. The power required is about 220 watts. The coffee will be ground with a blade made of stainless steel. So it is safer and will not be at risk of corrosion.

If you already have your grinder, then you need to know the level of smoothness of the coffee and also its use because the level of fineness of coffee for espresso is different from coffee that is brewed utilizing a french press. The Coarse level is the coarsest level of grind, suitable for making ground coffee or brewing coffee utilizing a french press, plunger pot, percolator, and vacuum coffee pot. Medium is the level of grinding results such as beach sand with small pebbles, in other words, the results of the mill are uneven but not coarse like coarse. Suitable for brewing Drip coffee makers with flat bottom filters Level Fine is a grinding grade such as salt or sugar or fine sand. Usually used for brewing coffee through drip coffee makers with cone-shaped filters as well as espresso Moka pots.

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