Moldavite is a unique stone, and part of what makes it so special is its scarcity. But why is moldavite so uncommon, exactly? The inside word comes from Inner Vision Crystals; you may buy moldavite.

First, the Czech Republic is the only country in the world where moldavite is found. It is specifically located in the Bohemian Massif, a region in the southern section of the nation. As a result, there is a constrained supply of moldavite, and getting your hands on it can take time and effort.

But there are other factors in moldavite’s scarcity. It is also a tektite, a type of glass that develops when a meteorite collides with the surface of the Earth. Tektites are created when the surrounding rocks and minerals fuse due to the extreme heat and pressure of the impact.

Also, although tektites can be found worldwide, only moldavite is linked explicitly to a meteorite impact in the Czech Republic. This increases its rarity and uniqueness.

Yet the tale is not over yet. Moldavite is a delicate and brittle stone as well. Because of the intense heat and pressure it experiences during development, it has a rough surface that is readily scratched or damaged. Finding high-quality, imperfection-free moldavite stones becomes even more challenging as a result.

The issue of fakes and imitations is the last one. Unfortunately, due to moldavite’s recent surge in popularity, many vendors sell a model or fraudulent stones. To be sure that all their moldavite stones are genuine, Inner Vision Crystals has a verification procedure in place.

So there you go, everyone. Several factors contribute to the rarity of moldavite, including its restricted geographic distribution, delicate surface texture, and the predominance of fakes and imitations. But at Inner Vision Crystals, they have a genuine article, and they’re dedicated to bringing the world the strength and beauty of this elusive stone.

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