After casting (role selection) is done, the next step is to practice the role. this exercise is also conducted by a director. In this role exercise, it is hoped that the players can turn the characters in the script into real characters on the stage. To do this, you also need good scripts, and you can find the excellent one-act plays scripts on a website with complete choices.

Some things that must be trained so that the cast can present a character well are:

a. The technique of appearing a figure on stage
b. Bring dialogue well
c. Develop an atmosphere so that the theatre performance is not boring
d. Accentuating the peak stage
e. Time dialogue and gestures
f. Set the fast and slow tempo of the game
g. Respond and hear other figures
h. Adjusting to the performing techniques, namely lighting, sound, music, make-up and fashion.

The requirement for players to play characters well is that they must be able to master some basic techniques for playing theatre, namely:

1. Body Exercise

Exercise is the physical exercise of an actor or actress. With this training, it is hoped that actors and actresses will have a fit and fit body, so that they can move flexibly, discipline and expressively by the character of the characters they play.

2. Voice Training

Vowel processing is an exercise to use vocals (voice) clearly and loud (loud). But loud and loud noises are not enough. The players must also be trained on how to produce different sound colours. They must be flexible in using sound colours according to the character or character of the characters, age, and social conditions.

3. Exercise for Imagination

To present the character of the character being played, an actor must know exactly the physiological, sociological, and psychological state of the role he is playing. And to help get a real picture, an actor can look for character models who have similar characters and make observations or observations.

So, practising the imagination will make it easier for an actor to imagine and embody the character the script demands by using his body and voice.

4. Concentration exercises

Concentration training is an exercise to focus the mind on certain things. Good concentration is needed in theatre. There are various ways to do concentration training.

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