Without electricity, people would not be able to enjoy modern technologies today. Even when at home, household electrical installations by professionals with nen 3140 certificaat support the activities of everyone in the house. Although household electricity is used almost all the time. However, sometimes people just use it without knowing this installation further. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with household electricity users knowing the sundries of electrical installations in the household. The following will be discussed in detail in matters relating to this electrical installation.

The first thing to know about household electrical installations, of course, is what is meant by electrical installations. Electrical installation is the process of installing and adjusting electrical devices for the first time in a building. This process usually needs to be done by professionals. A house does not only consist of one electricity network. Various electrical networks must be arranged in such a way at home. So, everything can work without interfering with each other. The following are the two basic networks that exist in household electricity:

1. Power electrical installation
This household electrical installation is intended to provide an electricity supply for electronic equipment at home. All electronic equipment must be supported by a power installation system except for one, namely the installation of the lighting network.

2. Lamp electrical installation
As said earlier, the electrical installation will provide power to all electronic devices in the house, except for the lights. This turns out to have its reasons. Because the lamp has its electrical installation network. It is very important to distinguish between lighting installations and other power installations.

There is almost no activity or activity at home that does not involve electricity. Starting from cleaning the house, having fun and gathering with family, and other activities involving electrical energy. Almost all household appliances, already receive power from electricity. The presence of electricity can make activities at home more productive and provide convenience.

As mentioned earlier, the presence of electricity makes activities at home easier. Make the house more comfortable as a place to live. Families can carry out various activities without obstacles if the house has electricity.

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