The AI ​​system enables the automation of every task that needs to be done on a daily basis. You no longer need to waste time on the same task every day. Leave all the tasks to the AI, and the task will be done. Monthly payments such as electricity and water can be a good example. Currently there is an automatic payment system that can be activated so that payments can be made on time and you will not be penalized. We can see the hope that AI gives us from medical devices and assistive devices for people with disabilities. We can see many deaf people who can hear again with the help of hearing aids that have been developed. We also see that machine learning for computer vision systems in medical devices help find diseases from patients more quickly. The faster discovery of the disease will increase the potential for healing or even the potential for life of the patient.

Human life today cannot be separated from sophisticated gadgets that are equipped with various features. One of the features that use AI technology in gadgets is a virtual assistant. You must have used “Hi Google” or “Hi Siri” to access the virtual assistant, right? A virtual assistant is an artificial intelligence technology developed to make it easier for you to use gadgets. With a virtual assistant, you can contact someone via a gadget just by saying a command. In fact, you can also send messages without having to open the keyboard and only need to mention the contents of the message to be sent.

Another advantage of artificial intelligence is that this technology can help solve problems by studying the data that is entered into it. Especially for scientists, the presence of AI technology can help them find the most accurate results before they are applied to reality. For example, you can see how the presence of AI can make it easier for business people in terms of customer service by using chatbots. This chatbot technology is very useful for business people to serve customers quickly and effectively.

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