In simple terms, digital marketing agency is a marketing activity that uses various digital tools such as websites, social media, or search engines like Google to communicate brand messages. And what distinguishes between digital marketing and traditional marketing lies in the medium used by brands so that the message conveyed can reach the audience. Meanwhile, in traditional marketing, marketers use traditional channels such as billboards, print media, television, and radio to spread their message. You can read the review here.

Indeed, running marketing activities through traditional media is not exactly old-fashioned either. Because it is evident that these media have their own audiences and are also easy for the public to remember. But on the one hand, to be able to carry out an effective marketing strategy, brands need to know their potential customers, know their habits, and catch up on where the common people spend their time. If we look back at the above statistics, it can be seen that most people today are in digital media. Many countries whose residents often spend time on digital media.

In addition, the presence of this pandemic has increased the public’s need for digital media. Starting from looking for entertainment and information through digital media. To communicate also through digital media. And to buy various needs, people have also started to choose online. Doing activities through digital media is easier and safer. This factor is also the reason for many brands to start the digital transformation and carry out digital marketing strategies.

Data from ClickZ states that, in 2019, internet users reached 57% of the world’s population, and the average person spends online media time for 6 hours 42 minutes. More and more people are present in the digital world, making brands more interested in carrying out their marketing activities by utilizing the digital world. Even so, the digital marketing strategy has its advantages and disadvantages. And here are the advantages of digital marketing:

Higher levels of engagement
Digital marketing has a high level of interaction because the audience can easily comment directly via social media or e-mail. That way, brands become easier to connect with potential customers. In addition, with more and more two-way channels, brands can meet and communicate with their target customers more quickly.

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