Let’s face masculine power, for the utmost part there are differences between men and women. Anyhow of whether or not you believe that these differences werepre-ordained, came about to help our survival as a species, or are a reflection of the opposition in the macrocosm, there are differences.

In ultramodern day societies we’ve men with womanlike energy and women with masculine power energy. But indeed in gay couples and couples with gender places reversed there’s one crucial factor that keeps their connections going- sexual opposition. If there are two people who are both mannish or both womanlike also how could they ever really be further than musketeers? With our pool so geared towards making women more mannish to contend and our society making men more womanlike to be” politically correct”, we occasionally forget that in connections there’s a need for sexual opposition. Someone has to be the man and someone has to be the woman.

In order to have a truly spiritual relationship, one where you’re deeply connected to your soulmate, there must be this opposition. For women the womanlike energy comes from nurturing, loving and creating. womanlike energy is spiritual, it’s creative and it’simportant.However, he may begin to come distant, If a man doesn’t feel the feminity of his mate. Where as the contrary is true for women; if they don’t feel the mannish energy from their mate they start to come more mannish themselves.

It’s frequently said that the mannish energy can be represented by the boat. The man navigating the high swell. In retrospection the womanlike energy represents the ocean. The large, immense, important force that can not be controlled but only navigated. To be mannish in all areas of your life is to show a woman that you can take charge.

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