Outdoor events in the City of Angels can be made or broken by table and chair selection. La Party Rentals opusrentals.com/ understands that seating should improve the atmosphere, complement the location, and keep visitors comfortable during the party. Discover why our table and chair rentals are ideal for your next outdoor event.

Think about your last outdoor event. What stood out? Was it the cramped, unpleasant sitting or how the table sets blended into the lovely backdrop? We pride ourselves on offering alternatives that meet your needs and match your style. A sophisticated garden party, casual beach gathering, or stunning sunset wedding requires the correct tables and chairs.

Let’s start with the layout.
Round tables create an intimate atmosphere that encourages conversation. They look great under string lights in a pleasant patio or lush garden. Use these with our high-back, padded chairs to welcome guests to sit, relax, and enjoy the atmosphere. However, long, rectangular tables can create a family-style, communal atmosphere. Combine them with our minimalist, durable benches on a sandy beach or vineyard for a bohemian vibe.

Not only the shape or style but also the material. Outdoor activities need weatherproof furniture. Our hardwood table and chair sets are beautiful with natural grain and warm tones and coated to withstand sun and moisture. Our modern metal and glass alternatives have sleek lines and reflective surfaces that catch the light, which is great for a nighttime celebration beneath the staComfort, which is crucial for multi-hour events.

We’ve all been to parties with terrible seats that were more memorable than the celebrations. We offer plush, cushioned, and ergonomic seats to keep your visitors comfortable, from appetizers to sweets. We also have cushions and covers in different colors to fit your theme or add collages to look practical. Every event planner wants a smooth setup and breakdown. Our crew delivers on time, puts up, and takes down all furniture efficiently and carefully.

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