Apart from going through job search sites, you can also directly search for information from companies that are looking for workers at the job fair. Through the job fair, you can ask the company directly about the company and available positions. In addition, you can also meet many people who might be additional connections. This way, when you are looking for sales recruiting firms, you can also make connections with others who might have more information about job vacancies.

Next, look for as many connections as possible. Connections can be a way that makes it easy to get information about the latest job openings. Think again about your family or relatives who might be able to provide more information related to work and the company that you are after.

Then, take advantage of social media. In this digital era, recruiters can find you through social media. Therefore, use your social media to build a positive brand. Think of social media as an alternative portfolio to promote yourself. Through social media, you can also find a lot of the latest job openings that are not only posted by the official job information provider account, but also by your friends.

Finally, you must understand that failure is normal, don’t despair. Not qualifying for employment is a common thing when you are in the process of looking for work. In fact, a professional who has years of experience is very likely to be rejected by a company. Don’t worry and give up, learn from the mistakes that might have occurred in the previous hiring process and stay confident. No need to rush to take on a job that might accept you in the beginning if you are not yet fully convinced. Each person has their own time in meeting their dream job. Do not until later you even regret it when you have started working because it does not match what you want.

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