Every day we cannot guarantee that crime does not occur, especially in the midst of a virus outbreak like now which is still considered a crime and criminal acts are rampant. Especially on the streets, where the criminals are on standby outside to look for victims. Like pickpocket, fraud, or sexual harassment often occurs on the street, and we could be victims of it. So, that’s why there are some practical and easy tips that you can do to avoid street crime, especially for pedestrians or even those of you who frequently travel by public transportation. Furthermore, being in a place where a crime occurs might drag you into the case. Therefore, you might need to know the lawyer who can defend you if you are wrongly accused by someone. Therefore, you can call Robert A. Dodell for criminal cases.

Here are the tips we can do:

Try not to go alone

If you want to travel far away or you don’t know the exact address, try to invite friends, relatives, or people you know because if you travel alone there will be a big risk of you becoming a victim, especially if later you are confused about finding the address you are going to, you can become an easy target for crime.

Look for Crowded Places

When you are walking home or on the way you want to go, try to find a place that is busy and bright. Do not take the risk of taking the path closest to the goal but in a quiet situation. Look for a safe path even though you have to go far but can ensure your safety.

Always be aware of the surroundings

Well, this one is a very simple way to do to avoid crime. By being vigilant, it is possible for us to avoid things that can threaten you. When taking public transportation, for example, try not to fall asleep because that could be an opportunity for you to become a target for crime, especially at night. Not only that, when you play gadgets, try not to focus only on your gadget screen. Try to stay focused on the road and surroundings. If you’re also listening to a song, try to adjust the volume to a moderate level so you can hear what’s going on around you.

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